Thursday, December 12, 2013


I just realized I haven't actually updated on my condition since July. Oh so much has happened. First of all, I have met the greatest doctor in the UNIVERSE! He is a true gift from God. I met him in August on a Thursday and that following Monday he did surgery. In this surgery he did an appendectomy, endometriosis removal, pelvic floor injection, uterus uplift, stretching of the bladder, and packed the bladder medicines different from the last time I had this done. I stayed in the hospital over night. This surgery most definitely cure me but in the end it made me better. After all the UTI's I had after the surgery, I finally got better.

I went a month with no pain. A month without any pain meds and then I started hurting again. And my depression got worse. Now I've just finished a program to help me with my depression and it worked. And I'm waiting on a referral to another pain clinic in Huntsville. I'm doing bladder treatments every week. And tomorrow I start seeing a nutritionist. Can't wait to start eating right!

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