Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today has been one of the worst days of my life. I woke up this morning in terrible pain. When you go to the doctor and they ask you what's your pain on a scale of 1-10. Today I could have easily said 15. Pain had been so bad. I decided to wait it out to see if it got better. Around two I called my doctor in bham to ask what I can do and she suggested I take a warm bath and see if that works. If not go to the ER. The ER is always my last resort. Only problem is I had to rely on my last resort 3 times in the past in the past three weeks. I know what you're thinking. I thought you had a pain doctor to help with this pain. You are correct. I'm taking morphine daily and it does not help with my pain at all. So after the bath I didn't feel any better soI ended up at the ER. I was given two shots and sent home. I wish I knew a doctor in my area that would promote IC awareness. I would put all my money into the program to make sure women in my area with IC don't have to go through what I am going through. There needs to be doctors that at least have an understanding of what IC is and not this generic idea that it's just a bad UTI that causes you to have frequent urination. Cause that's not what it is. It is PAIN. Pain compared to the pain of a cancer patient. Doctors are gonna make sure cancer patients are comfortable. Why not IC patients!?! This is ridiculous to be judged for going to the ER so many times in a month. I'm not seeking a high. I'm seeking HELP and RELIEF. Well my medicine has kicked in so I'm off to bed. Good night all!

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  1. I understand exactly how you feel.
    I also take morphine daily for pelvic pain, and unfortunately sometimes it doesn't work at all.
    Its upsetting to me that when I am having a "good day"... others like you are having a "bad day". We need to be understood and attended to by the medical community so we all have "good days". We deserve that just as much as other patients with more understood illnesses & disorders.
    In Love & Light