Sunday, March 24, 2013

An update

It's been awhile since I've posted anything. It has been a hectic time in the life of Kayla Vaughn. I would like to ask for prayers for my brother. He is going through a difficult time and could really use some prayers. I know God can help him through this!

So update on me. As you know I went to my first appointment with my new doctor on March 14. I love my new doctor. Well she is the CRNP but she is so awesome. She is a Beatles fan so we can relate. Another thing we have in common we both wanted to be a forensic pathologist. She is also a Christian. Well after my first appointment I was told to come back in two weeks. Well Friday, I went to Huntsville with my daddy and his friend and I had a really good time. On the way home I started feeling weak and I fell asleep. When I got home I ate a burger and started feeling sicker. A few minutes later I got sick and there was red in the vomit and I ended up at the ER Friday night. Everything checked out good and I was sent home. Well the rest of the weekend I felt ok not good but ok. Sunday I worked and had a pretty good day. I was too busy at work to notice. Monday I woke up very nauseated. and was taking zofran every 6 hours and it wasn't helping. I got sick again later that night and still just felt awful so I talked to my mom and asked her if she would take me to the ER so they could give me Phenergan and also check my kidney function while I'm there. Well everything checked out again. The next morning when I woke up hurting very bad and nauseated again. I called my doctor in Birmingham and asked if I could get in any sooner than two weeks that I was miserable. They told me to be there at 8 am Thursday morning.

Thursday morning, I got there and the CRNP came in and she said that we would go ahead and do the therapy since I was in so much pain. During my appointment she talked to me about what was going on in my life and she told me no wonder I was hurting so bad. After she done I was relaxed and had no pain whatsoever. I stayed this way for ten minutes this time! She did tell me that she could tell that I am getting better but there are some trouble places that we would have to work on.

I talked to her about pain management cause the medicine she gave me wasn't working and it was making me itch. Just making me more miserable. She told me to definitely come of that medicine. I told her that I was given some medicine in the ER and that I was taking it for pain but it wasn't working. This is the plan we came up with. I will keep taking the pain medicine and take it more often until they can get me in with a pain clinic. That will hopefully be this Thursday. I will go for see her every week until I feel like I'm getting better and then I will start going every two weeks or something like that. She told me to keep my appointment with my kidney doctor cause she feels like something else is definitely going on. I go see that doctor on April 1st.

Right now I'm sitting here talking with my mom and my uncle Pete(our walking miracle). I go to work at 6:30 and work all night. I have a busy week ahead of me. I work tonight and tomorrow night and then I got back to work Wednesday night and I get off at 5 and will be on my way to Birmingham for my appointment with the CRNP and hopefully the pain clinic. Then I'll go back to work Saturday night. WOO 4 days this week. I haven't worked more than one day in a while. This week is going to be rough and I'm not gonna lie I am not looking forward to it and I'm a little nervous about it. Working a lot and little sit and schedule change makes my IC so much worse. But hopefully I will be alright. Please say a prayer for me this week! Things are going to get better! Well it is time for me to get ready for work. I hope everyone has a good week!

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