Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Good and Bad

Well I was going to wait til Friday to post anything, but i just feel like posting. The last time I posted I think I was doing pretty good for the most part just in terrible pain. Well I've had a few ER visits and doctors appointments since then. I guess I'll start with Tuesday a week ago. I felt much better well a little better and even got to go sing which is my favorite thing to do. I left there and went to hang out with a friend. When I got home. I started hurting again. So I took a pain pill. Well after two hours I still was hurting really bad so I decided to go to the ER to get me a pain shot. When I got there they gave me a shot of dilaudid and it didn't help me one bit. I started crying my pain was so bad. An hour after the shot they decided to give me an iv and give me some more dilaudid through the IV and decided to do a CT scan for kidney stones. This helped for about an hour and i was hurting again but this time in my epigastric area, which feels like your chest but it's just below. Well the doctor came back in and told me I don't have any kidney stones but he thinks I have some gastric stuff going on, like acid reflux and constipation. The acid reflux would be what's causing me to have the epigastric pain. He told me to make an appointment with Dr. Raju which is my gastroentologist and gave me a more effective pain medicine. Since then I have been very bad nauseated. I know I've mentioned nausea before but it's been worse than normal. Thursday I went to Bham after I worked a ten hour over night shift and stayed nauseated the whole ride there. While waiting on the doctor I got sick and when she came in I got sick again. But after the therapy I felt a little better. She said she could tell I was worse. SHe gave me a prescription for people who have IBS who have problems with constipation. On the way home, I stayed nauseated the whole ride home. Friday afternoon, my doctor in bham called to check on me and i told her I wasn't any better and she told me to go to the ER to get some relief. So I did and the doctor I saw gave me some medicine called compazine that really helps my nausea. Saturday I was bad sick again but I think it was just from pain. A very painful day. Sunday I went to church with my dad. I want to thank everyone who came up to me, hugged me, asked about me, and told me they were praying for me. Sunday evening I worked 12 hours, 6:30 PM to 7 AM. When I got off work I stayed up so i could go to my doctor's appointment with my gynecologist. I not really sure why but that appointment was so emotional. Maybe it was because I was so tired. The nurse asked me if I was related to anyone who had been diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 50. I said yes. My grandmother was diagnosed when she was 45. They now offer genetic testing to see if I have the chromosome that carries genetic breast cancer. I agreed to try that. I also talked to my doctor about doing another surgery for my endometriosis. He told me he didn't think it would do any good but there is a medicine I could try called Lupron Depot. The only thing about it is the side effects. Which is menopause. I would be going through menopause temporarily. I told him I wanted to try it. After the appointment I got very bad sick and very emotional. I cried so much. At 2 I had an appointment with Dr. Boorgu, the kidney doctor. Finally an appointment with some very good news. Dr. Boorgu told me that my kidney function is great! But I have a concern about polycystic kidney disease running in my family. He agreed to look into so I was set up with a kidney ultrasound for this Friday. When I got home from my appointment I was so tired. I had been up for 24 hours and I slept until about 4 pm this afternoon, only to get up to pee, and take pain medicine. This evening I felt good enough to go sing and had a wonderful time. The picture is me after I got home tonight.  Here's a link to the song I sang tonight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF_uQ8Nh4X0 I hope everyone has a good night! I'm off to bed!

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